How to make up like a pro? Discover all our tips for a nude make-up, make-up your skin at the beach, make your makeup last longer, naturally, when it's hot. You are also told to find the best makeup remover for your skin type. Cleansing milk, micellar water, make-up removal oil or cleansing brush, natural makeup remover ... Find what suits you. Discover all our tips for perfect makeup.


The base of complexion, you have the habit to use it before applying your foundation. But did you know that there are plenty of ways to hijack your make-up base? To correct your hesitant eye liner or prevent chafing: discover 10 ways to distract your foundation.

Use foundation for eye makeup

To mop eyeshadow

The foundation can be used as a magic eraser to eliminate eye shadow "fallen" under the eyes after application.

How to do ?Sweep the excess eye shadow with a powder brush, then put a little foundation on your foundation brush.

Tap gently under the eye to have a perfect eye again.

The base of complexion to correct a line of eyeliner
If you do not yet master the eyeliner trait, do not panic. Even a few tremors can be corrected.

Apply a small amount of foundation to a cotton swab or correction brush and clear the small boils.

The foundation: to change a creamy eye shadow

For an easy and glamorous evening makeup, nothing like an eye shadow with a creamy texture.

To do this, mix your dry eyeshadow with foundation.

Not only the texture will apply easily but in addition, the result will be more durable and especially bluffing.

The foundation: to reuse a liner that has dried

If your eyeliner gel has dried, you can give it a second life by mixing it with a small amount of foundation foundation.

No need to buy a new one, it's cool, right?
The complex foundation for perfect lip makeup

To correct a line of lip pencil

When you overflow with your lip pencil, do not use make-up remover to start all over again.

Apply foundation with a cotton swab or correction brush to correct your lip liner. Now you can start again and draw a luscious mouth.

To properly apply lipstick

Before putting on lipstick, apply a foundation to your lips. This is a great tip to avoid overflowing and have luscious lips to perfection.

Other tips with foundation

The base of complexion to tame frizz

You can also use your foundation to fight against frizz. A recurring problem for thick hair or frizzy hair ...

How to do ? Put a small dab of base foundation in your hands, rub them between them to heat the material and apply on your rebel locks.

To fight against the static electricity of clothing

How to remove static electricity from your tights? Put on some foundation like the previous tip. An effective and fast tip!

To prevent chafing pain

When you do not wear tights, your legs tend to rub one against them and cause small irritations.

To avoid this, apply foundation to areas at risk. It acts as an anti-friction barrier.

To have a perfect complexion summer

If you want to adapt your usual summer foundation to a more "light" version, you can mix it with a little foundation to make it more transparent. To you the perfect complexion!
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